Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Salute the Dark-Adrian Tchaikovsky

Salute the Dark
Adrian Tchaikovsky
PYR, Sep 1 2010, $16.00
ISBN 9781616142391

The armies of the Wasp Empire continue their ruthless conquest of the other nations. Their prime opponent is Stenwald, but though he and his Lowlander allies have had some success slowing down the blitzkrieg (see Blood of the Mantis), conquest by the belligerent Wasp Empire seems inevitable. Ironically under their iron rule, the various Lowlander entities would be forced to cooperate; however, although still free none of the at-risk kinden trusts the other sects.

Meanwhile inside the Wasp Empire where technology has recently superseded magic unlike their weaker neighbors, vampiric sorcerer Uctebri incongruously uses the Shadow Box to stealthily control the ruler. As the combat turns bloodier, the certainty of the outcome appears very lucid even to a wary frustrated Stenwald who has learned sometimes the good guys fail.

The latest Shadows of the Apt military fantasy is a fabulous entry as the overarching theme moves forward while individuals find out the hard way that good intentions are meaningless in the heat of battle as the bad guys are winning. Action-packed with a clear stunning cause and effect consequences, readers will relish Adrian Tchaikovsky’s strong tale.

Harriet Klausner

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