Monday, August 9, 2010

Krymsin Nocturnes-Joseph Armstead

Krymsin Nocturnes
Joseph Armstead
By Light Unseen Media, May 2010, $29.00
ISBN: 9781935303077

For millenniums, the Moon-Chosen vampires and the humans compete for domination of the world. The human governments have cut secret agreements with the vampires while concealing from the general populace that the undead Homo Draeconis live amongst them. Only the metahumans Olympians battle the vamps and their avaricious mercenary mortal quislings.

Blood Mage sorcerer Rajan Seddig Al'Meffistah discovers that a powerful relic has been hidden in California's Borrego Bay. He wants it as he knows that the talisman will make him an unmatched deity ruling the world. His former lover Calianne has followed him to California to prevent him from succeeding. An alliance of strange bedfellows consisting of Quinn of the moon-chosen, spiteful spirits, gangsters, government “spooks” and immortal and mortal mercenaries are also deployed to prevent the calamity from happening.

Krymsin Nocturnes is an action-packed vampiric techno-thriller that genre fans will fully enjoy. The key to Joseph Armstead’s strong tale is that the author makes his premise of vampires living secretly amidst mortals due in part to human government cooperation seem real without slowing or dumbing down the plot. Readers will want to join (from their armchairs) the confrontation in New Barrington and West Sussex on Borrego Bay as the world order is at stake.

Harriet Klausner

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