Monday, August 9, 2010

The Longer the Fall-Inanna Arthen

The Longer the Fall
Inanna Arthen
By Light Unseen Media, $28.00
ISBN 9780979302893

In 1952 Boston, recently divorced thirtyish Diana Chilton has belonged to the Order of the Silver Light her entire life. However, she decides she has no reason to stay since her marriage broke up and as a political activist seeking freedoms for all she is frustrated with the glass ceiling for females. So she leaves for Pepperell, Maine home of the “Hermit of Pepperill Hills”.

Diana meets the hermit Thomas Morgan, who was once part of the same order she just left. He has lived for ages because, as she learns, he is a vampire. Thomas was dying from cancer when he begged the Fae to save his life; they did sort of by cursing him by converting him into an Undead who craves human blood. Thomas persuades Diana to help him especially with curing him of his obsession with human blood. However, that proves easier to say then do as the human and the former human spend two years trying to eliminate his thirst. However, each conceals their real agenda from the other.

The second Vampires of New England novel (see Mortal Touch) is an interesting thriller as mortal and the undead work together, but hide their respective motive from one another. The story line loses some speed towards the middle due to the sexual trysts and other happenings expanded too long; but the plot regains the accelerated momentum when the lead couple confronts what they wrought. With a great twist to the delight of appreciative fans, readers will enjoy Inanna Arthen’s vampire tale.

Harriet Klausner

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