Friday, August 20, 2010

Rajmund-D. B. Reynolds

D. B. Reynolds
ImaJinn, Aug 2010, $16.00
ISBN: 9781933417073

In Buffalo the Vampire Lord of Northeast Krystof appears to be losing his sanity. New York City Master Rajmund Gregor knows he is the only one capable of replacing his sire, but detests the need to take control from Krystof; still he will do what is right for his offspring and siblings though he will grieve for what must be done.

However, he must first uncover the serial killer of human females who the BPD insists is a vampire. While he works the murder case, Sara Stratton whom he met in the Big Apple is back in her hometown of Buffalo. When they meet again, each recognizes their initial attraction was no fluke. Still, she conceals a paranormal skill that she ran way from a decade ago; an ability he needs to rescue any of the kidnapped women who may still be alive while an evil human tries to blackmail her.

The key in the excellent book three of the Vampires of America (see Raphael and Jabril) is that the lead vampire behaves radically different from his star predecessors even with each being arrogant males (an oxymoron). Sara is his equal as she is, when forced, a feisty fighter even with her running from herself. Additionally, the story line spins differently as Rajmund is an intelligent leader who delegates and in fact his lieutenant is the prime field operative. This is a great fresh romantic urban fantasy with a strong late twist, as the vampires and Sara investigate in order to search for a psychopath.

Harriet Klausner

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