Sunday, April 4, 2010

Star Raiders-Elysa Hendricks

Star Raiders
Elysa Hendricks
Love Spell, Apr 2010, $6.99
ISBN: 9780505528186

For five years the Earth League Forces Anti-Smuggling/Piracy (ASP) Bureau Greyson Dane worked the field undercover. He seduced smuggler Stewart Kedar’s innocent daughter Shyanne to get at her father. Greyson succeeded, but lost his heart to Shyanne while her dad is incarcerated. Knowing he betrayed the only woman he will ever love, Greyson left law enforcement field work taking a desk jockey promotion for his duplicity.

However, Greyson is sent back into the field after a decade in the office. He offers a deal to Shyanne and her crew in which ASP and the Consortium of Intelligent Life (COIL) will pardon them of all their crimes including some recent ones they did not commit if they help them capture Stewart’s former right hand man Simon Dempster, who has attacked vessels and murdered the innocent. Shyanne always loathed Dempster who continues to be a thorn in her small operation and apparently has set her and her crew up to take the falls for his murderous raids. Still she conceals from the other man she detests, her only lover, his son Rian. He hides the full truth that he once again will sacrifice his beloved, but this time his cause is saving mankind from the angry retaliation of COIL.

Star raiders is a great romantic outer space thriller starring two former lovers still in love, but his treachery keeps them apart as she refuses to trust him with her heart or freedom. He regrets that he will use her again, but believes strongly his mission is critical because if he fails mankind could become extinct. Sub-genre readers will enjoy the Hendricks galaxy as two people still in love conceal secrets from one another.

Harriet Klausner

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