Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Naamah’s Curse-Jacqueline Carey

Naamah’s Curse
Jacqueline Carey
Grand Central, Jun 14 2010, $26.99
ISBN 9780446198059

Follower of the Sex Goddess Naamah, Moirin leaves her homeland traveling across Tatar in search of Bao the Chin warrior she met and loved (see Naamah’s Kiss). He possesses half of her diadh-anam divine soul-spark. When she finds her soulmate following her treacherous trek, she learns to her chagrin he is married.

However, he is not just wed to anyone; his jealous wife is the daughter of the Great Khan. She wants the outsider as far away from her spouse so her father arranges to keep Moirin and his son-in-law apart. The Patriarch of Riva captures Moirin, but she escapes. However by the time she frees herself, Bao is gone on another quest; this time to the realm of the Spider Queen and her army of assassins.

The middle tale in the Naamah fantasy series is a terrific entry that surprisingly has major subplots ended, but leaves plenty for the finish. Moirin is a terrific lead protagonist as she is like a cocky great boxer who knows her superior talent will win all her fights; her ego has grown immensely because of her awareness of her destiny. Fast-paced, readers will fully appreciate the twists as Naamah’s Curse is a strong tale in the Kushiel Legacy saga.

Harriet Klausner

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