Thursday, April 8, 2010

Lightborn-Alison Sinclair

Alison Sinclair
Roc, Jun 1 2010, $15.00
ISBN 9780451463296

In divided Minhorne, the Lightborn are stunned when Prince Isidore is assassinated by magic. Fejelis Grey Rapids replaces the late prince and accuses Lightborn assassin Floria White Hand of killing his predecessor as she had opportunity being a guard. Forced to flee Fiona receives sanctuary amidst the scientific based Darkborn.

Meanwhile someone tries to murder Fejelis. He still believes the failed attempt was done by Floria. However, the Lightborn who cannot survive the darkness, and the Darkborn (especially Telmaine and her husband Balthasar) who cannot stay in the light, begin to wonder if perhaps their mutual enemy the Shadowborn is causing deadly mischief.

The second Minhorne Regency fantasy (see Darkborn) is a complicated tale that grips the audience from the opening train ride to the finish that sets up what should be a rousing climax. After shaking the scientific Darkborn society with her magic in the previous tale, Telmaine returns as a major player alongside her husband and his previous lover Floria. The two females and the male who links them make for an enjoyable whodunit as they seek out the assassin before war breaks out between the two prime societies and a potential cat fight between the two women. Readers will relish this fine middle tale in a fascinating saga as the city of Minhorne with a humongous support cast consisting of the dark, the light and the shadows in between.

Harriet Klausner

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