Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Grayling The Prophecy-D.B. Wright

Grayling The Prophecy
D.B. Wright
Xlibris, 2008
ISBN: 9781425785574

For over a decade Malora remains a prisoner of Beagen inside his stronghold Daggar’s Pointe in Bakaw, Metar. He demands she support his evil scheme concerning seven kingdoms under his malevolent rule. However though he tortures her constantly, she refuses to break. She finally manages to escape, but is injured by a soldier hitting her with an arrow.

Pickard the thief finds her and though he should ignore her as he knows she will be trouble, something compels him to take the unconscious female to safety. His premonition proves right as Beagen’s wizards and apprentices give chase. She proves powerful, but out of control becoming dangerous to herself and others while he finally desperately leaps with her to his home in Te-Mok. There he hopes he can find answers to who she is and get her to safety before the Council interrogates and stopss him from returning to his quest to find Greyling of the Great Prophecy as he is the Protector of the Mgician who will either destroy the world or unite the nations as they were once before until treachery split them apart.

Grayling is an exciting quest fantasy that grips the audience from the onset with a need to know why Beagen magically tortures his female prisoner and maintains that hold on the reader throughout. Besides the obvious lead duet being fully developed with character flaws, the key support cast is also strong as they enhance either understanding the motives of the prime pair or the Prophecy. With several solid middle twists to augment an entertaining saga, sub-genre readers will appreciate the adventures of Malora and Pickard in a land divided.

Harriet Klausner

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