Thursday, September 4, 2008

One Bite with a Stranger- Christine Warren

One Bite with a Stranger
Christine Warren
St. Martin's, Oct 2008, $6.99
ISBN: 0312947033

Now that Regina McNeill is no longer living with cheating ex boyfriend Greg, her four close friends remind her she no longer has an exemption from the “Fantasy Fix” the others agreed to try. Not accepting Reggie’s protests of no interest, the fearsome foursome friends demand she select her fantasy date. She chooses a night with a vampire.

The Others council member vampire Dmitri Vidame thinks how far he goes to carry out his responsibilities as he and Graham the werewolf attend an East Village human Vampire gala; the pair hope to catch a rogue vampiric predator who attacks the mortal pretenders. Dmitri is stunned when he sees Reggie across the crowded room as he has an instant need for her. He wonders what the chances are of “Strangers in the Night” sharing love; for he has waited hundreds of years to meet his beloved. As Dmitri tries to persuade the hesitant human to WALK ON THE WILD SIDE with him, her friends intrude to insure she is safe; Greg still believes she is his; and Dmitri has failed to inform her he has slightly different diet than her.

The latest Others’ romantic urban fantasy stars a strong lead couple and a solid support cast, especially her caring albeit interfering friends. The story line lacks the depth of the Christine Warren’s previous paranormal entries as the focus is more on the lead couple’s relationship than the serial killer. However ONE BITE WITH A STRANGER remains a fun tale because of the lead couple. They will remind the audience of the Sinatra tune Strangers in the Night as “Something in your eyes was so inviting. Something in your smile was so exciting. Something in my heart,told me I must have you.”

Harriet Klausner

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