Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Darkest Touch-Jaci Burton

The Darkest Touch
Jaci Burton
Dell, Oct 28 2008, $6.99
ISBN: 9780440244547

In an Australian cave, the Sons of Darkness, powerful demon lords, answer directly to the Evil One. They demand archeologist Angelique Deveraux to meld with the black diamond she was hired to find. When she touches it the diamond’s magical light goes out. Instead of making it glow stronger. Angie is afraid that her twin sister Isabelle, who was always a bit evil, will bring the stone to life. While the Realm of Light demon hunters fight the Sons of Darkness, Angie hides the diamond so her sibling will not use it.

A Realm of Light member observes Isabelle to see if she embraced the demon inside her as the father of her and her sister was a powerful demon lord. Dalton ends up following Isabelle while Ryder who is supposed to get the gem from Angie falls for her. Both men fear what will happen to their women and themselves. When the Sons of Darkness kidnap the twins, they both understand their new rescue mission is to save their respective significant other or die trying; while the sisters have decisions to make that if made wrong will end up with the Sons of Darkness ruling humanity.

The two sisters will have come to terms re their dark heritage and understanding the evil that makes up part of their “DNA”. The story line is a dark vs. light romantic suspense fantasy. The Sons of Darkness want nothing less than ruling all life on earth while the Realm of Light is determined to prevent that from happening; the twins are caught in the middle. Jaci Burton provides a dynamic and enthralling paranormal romantic thriller as demon war threatens the planet.

Harriet Klausner

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