Thursday, September 18, 2008

King of Sword and Sky-C.L. Wilson

King of Sword and Sky
C.L. Wilson
Leisure, Oct 2008, $8.99
ISBN: 9780843960594

The evil High Eld Mage destroyed much of the Fey and Tairen. Both races seem on the brink of extinction with little hope for surviving. However, one individual based on an ancient prophesy may be the savior; the true mate of the Fey King

The problems are that the true mate of Fey King Rain Tairen Soul is Ellysetta Baristani; she is linked to their lethal enemy; besides she mourns her losses as her mom was killed in the recent assault. War is inevitable and Rain understands the significance of Ellysetta to the cause. However, most of his allies starting with the nobles of Celieria and other supporters do not trust her due to her direct ties to the High Eld Mage. Without her the king knows they lose even as he wearily yet heroically tries to save the Tairen kitlings.

The third Fey-Tairen fantasy (see LORD OF THE FADING LANDS and THE LADY OF LIGHT AND SHADOWS) is a great addition to one of the stronger genre series in years. The gloom and doom is spreading with the Fey King and his true mate the only hope to halt the evil advance and ultimately defeat it, but Rain knows his allies distrust his true mate; as they believe she is aligned with the malevolent lethal enemy. Thus a relatively simplistic scenario leads to a complicated societal order that enhances the “reality” factor. Fans of good vs. evil fantasy epics will want to read this entertaining saga.

Harriet Klausner

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