Sunday, September 14, 2008

Heir to Sevenwaters-Juliet Marillier

Heir to Sevenwaters
Juliet Marillier
Roc, Nov 2008, $23.95
ISBN 9780451462336

In the Sevenwaters and Glencarnagh that contain the forest where the Tuatha De Danann Fair Folks dwell, Chieftain Sean is excited and frightened as his wife Aisling carries what he prays is the HEIR TO SEVENWATERS and his beloved survivies as she is on the wrong side of age for childbearing. With his oldest daughter Muirrin the healer married to Evan the healer and his second offspring Deirdre about to marry Southern clan chieftain Illann, Sean depends on his third oldest daughter Deirdre’s younger twin capable Clodagh to maintain the household and to to care for her mother.

Sean’s twin sister, her chieftain husband and their son Johnny, the current heir to Sevenwaters, attend Dierdre’s wedding. At the gala Clodagh meets Johnny’s personal guardsand she takes a dislike for the uncouth Cathal. Soon after the vows are exchanged, Aisling gives birth to the new heir; but the Fair Folk abduct the newborn and replace him with a changeling. Clodagh and Cathal team up to try to save her brother by entering the insane to humans Otherworld where Prince Mac Dara has begun a dangerous ploy.

The fourth Sevenwaters romantic fantasy (see DAUGHTER OF THE FOREST, SON OF SHADOWS and CHILD OF PROPHECY) is a strong entry in a magnificent saga. Juliet Marillier once again shows her skill in writing an exciting “border” thriller that enable readers to believe in the Tuatha De Danann; mostly because of how the humans behave towards the Fair Folk. Sub-genre fans will want to accompany the heroic duo as they enter hostile territory on a quest that challenges their lives and minds as their senses cannot be trusted with a different perception than on their side of the thin separating veil.

Harriet Klausner

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