Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Eternal-V.K. Forrest

V.K. Forrest
Kensington, Dec 2007, $15.0, 304pp
ISBN: 97807582131168

During the fifth century when Christianity was on the rise, the Kahill sept of vampires rejected Him and developed a taste for power and blood. God damned them with eternal life; each vampire dying and being reborn and with the onset of puberty, the memories of all their lives returned to them. The only way to kill them is to decapitate the head so the body can not regenerate and the soul can’t return to the body. Fia led some slayers to her village and the sept was forced to leave their country and ended up in Clare’s Point on theDelaware peninsular.

In the present, Mia is an FBI agent and she is assigned by someone in the Senate to investigate the death of one of their own in Clare’s point something that has never happened. She is forced to work with FBI agent Glen Duncan, the spitting image of her lover and the slayer who betrayed her three centuries ago. They have no evidence for the first death and the townsfolk are frightened that the slayers have found them again. Two more vampires are killed and like the rest of the sept, Fia is beginning to wonder if one of their own is the killer. In trying to rescue the fourth victim, Fia is captured; Glen prays that he is not too late to rescue the woman he loves.

God has given the sept a second chance and they have become protectors of humanity, hunting the predators that prey on the innocent; drinking human blood and having a relationship with a human is strongly discouraged. They want to be redeemed and Fia feels the need more than the others because of the guilt she feels because she was the one who escorted her lover and the other vampire hunters to their small Irish village. The vampire mythos that V,K. Forrest invented is original and makes the reader empathize with the bloodsuckers. Fia is a strong willed beautiful vamp with a lot of hang ups but she is willing to fight for what she believes in and protect humanity from beings like herself. This is a fantastic vampire paranormal romantic suspense.

Harriet Klausner

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