Monday, October 15, 2007

Beyond Fearless-Rebecca York

Beyond Fearless
Rebecca York
Berkley, Nov 2007, $7.99
ISBN 9780425218662

Palm Beach millionaire Terrence Sanford hires Zachary Robinson, known for locating lost treasures, to find his sixty years old missing brother William who vanished with his yacht Blue Heron off Grand Ferandino in the Caribbean. Zach prefers to use his regular crew as he is uncomfortable with strangers, but has managed to hire two experienced sailors from the local Florida area. However, the diver Jose panics when they enter the sunken Blue heron; later he claims he saw Pagor the war god of the island’s Vadiana deities.

Not long after that Zach meets a magician-psychic Anna Ridgeway, who has fled Denver for Grand Fernandino to perform for enigmatic Etienne Bertrand at the Sugar Cane Club and to escape a dangerous situation in the States, but fears the danger followed her. When she and Zach meet, they share an impossible inexplicable telepathic and emotional link that neither can resist. However, Anna’s hunch that danger followed her proves true as local shopkeeper and black magic practitioner Raoul San Donato has plans to make Anna his and remove Zach from the triangle.

The second “Beyond” tale (see BEYOND CONTROL) is an entertaining romantic suspense fantasy with plenty of action in and out of the boudoir. The cast makes the story line fun as Zach is a bit of a hermit, Anna is in hiding so she is limiting personal contacts, Bertrand is strangely “off” kilter, and Raoul is a dark magician. Much more romance than fantasy or suspense, sub-genre fans will enjoy this tale from Beyond.

Harriet Klausner

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