Saturday, October 20, 2007

Breath and Bone-Carol Berg

Breath and Bone
Carol Berg
Roc, Jan 2008, $15.00
ISBN 9780451461865

Valen the sorcerer does not want the role he finds himself in as he fears for the realms of the mortals and the Danae; the beleaguered mage is convinced a new evil era is coming to both spheres.

Adding to his discomfort and uncertainty is his feeling that he is the midpoint foci of a dangerous pair of villains pulling at him. He knows he must choose to ally with Osriel the bastard prince of Evanore or priestess Sila Diaglou; both believe that the end is now. His selection between the lesser of two evils even if he chooses the right one still could prove too late as doom appears the most likely outcome for humanity and or the Danae regardless of what he does.

This sequel to FLESH AND SPIRIT is an entertaining character study as much of the fantasy saga is an introspective of Valen seeking to save the worlds while also redeeming himself for his past transgressions. Readers who prefer fast-paced action should look elsewhere. However, those in the audience who enjoy a doubting hero struggling to be a champion while hesitating at every step he takes will appreciate Carol Berg’s intriguing BREATH AND BONE.

Harriet Klausner

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