Thursday, October 4, 2007

Blood Brothers-Nora Roberts

Blood Brothers
Nora Roberts
Jove, Dec 2007, $7.99, 336 pp.
ISBN 9780515143805

In 1987, three ten year old boys celebrate their birthdays by camping near Pagan Stone; an object many believe is from a supernatural realm. When they cut their hands to make a blood oath between them, some of it spills near the stone. An explosion occurs and when it is over Caleb, Fox and Gage are healed of all previous wounds, never get sick and they immediately recover from injuries. They are also sensitive noticing things that the other townsfolk don’t see.

During the seventh month on the seventh day every seven years, the locals go crazy, committing heinous crimes that they don’t remember when the week is up. Quinn comes to town to write a book of supernatural happenings and meets Caleb; she tells him what she sees and hears which is the same as what he and his blood brothers sense. For no reason she can understand Layla Darnel come to town, sees what Quinn sees and is unable to leave. Quinn calls Cybil to help her in researching what is going on in the town. Somehow these six men and the women are linked which gives them a fighting chance in the last battle between good and evil and to save the town and its inhabitants.

This is the first book in an urban fantasy trilogy and like any book Nora Roberts writes it is fantastic. The romance between Caleb and Quinn is starting to sizzle even though they have to put exploring the relationship on hold at times while they try to figure how the women fit into the equation to give them an edge in the upcoming war as told to them by a benign ghost. BLOOD BROTHERS makes the audience believe what they are reading is true as Ms. Roberts paints a dark picturesque landscape.

Harriet Klausner

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