Thursday, March 8, 2012

A Rising Thunder-David Weber

A Rising Thunder

David Weber

Baen, Mar 6 2012, $26.00

ISBN: 9781451638066

Though the war against the People’s Republic of Haven is over, the Star Empire of Manticore knows peace is fragile. The Mesan Alignment proves this with a vicious assault in the Manticoran sector. In reaction to the hostilities, Manticore informs the Solarian League that they no longer will do business with them. The Royal Manticoran Navy escorts their merchant ships home and disallows any outside traffic in their sector; they place warships near vulnerable wormholes. Stunned the Solarian League takes the Manticore actions as a declaration of war and reacts accordingly.

Manticore Eighth Fleet Admiral Honor Harrington leads the navy against two threats. The Mesan Alignment has an advanced technology that gives them an edge while puppet masters behind the scenes manipulate the different sides in a scheme to turn humans into slaves. At the same time, the Solarian League has deployed its largest armada in its glorious history with plans to seize the strategic wormholes and more in the Manticore sector.

The latest Honor Harrington military science fiction (see Mission of Honor) is an entertaining tale though the action is muted compared to the past entries as A Rising Thunder feels like a set up book with the various factions preparing for war. Still this enables readers to see the political intrigue that goes on behind the scenes though that also means some repetition. Not as exciting as normal, Harrington fans will enjoy the Manticore actions as they prepare for a two front war.

Harriet Klausner

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