Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Dead Light-Mike Pace

Dead Light

Mike Pace

River Point Press, Mar 5 2012, $11.00

ISBN: 9780615518428

In 1667 aboard the London Rose, Eli Creed travels with 562 manacled Africans taken from Gambia to be slaves in the New World. The Good Christian prays for these heathen even as he shared sex with the girls as part of a so-called ritual. When Captain Stigg tosses the dead into the ocean, Eli saves the life of a girl Abi still breathing. Her father thanks Eli by giving him a box that the man says contains the devil’s light that he took from a dead shaman. He is warned not to open it or all will die.

Three and a half centuries later in Cumberton, Maryland, a cemetery dating back to colonial times is moved in order for Reverend Jimmy Starr to construct a dormitory on the hallowed grounds. Two teenagers Tony and Jill fall into a hole where he finds a box in the empty grave of Father William Cumber 1645-1713. They accidentally break the box releasing “Lucifer’s Light” caged by Father Cumber centuries ago. Soon hell breaks out in Cumberton as student suicides occur. Sheriff Estin Booker and former Baltimore homicide detective Anna Tucci investigate what increasingly seems insane as the clues point to a two millennia Satanic myth in which humans must prevent the end of days, Lucifer’s way.

Dead Light is an exciting good and evil horror thriller as readers will be caught up in the doomsday countdown. Fast-paced, the only hope for mankind is two cops with personal demons preventing them from fully committing to fighting hell. Mike Pace provides a tense thriller as increasingly the dark appears on the brink of winning the ultimate battle by using the light.

Harriet Klausner

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