Friday, March 23, 2012

The Hunt-Andrew Fukuda

The Hunt

Andrew Fukuda

St. Martin’s Griffin, May 8 2012, $17.99

ISBN: 9781250005144

Seventeen years old Gene feels he is the last of his species in the wild as he hides amidst the master race that craves his. He follows his late dad’s rules such as avoid sports that make you sweat as they don’t perspire, but also knows his father failed in his diligence only once. He is a heper who if found out will be eaten by his “friends” without an afterthought.

The government sponsors its rare "Heper Hunt" though Gene wonders why since the few if any survivors are either lab rats or cattle. His trig teacher puts him on the spot, but Ashley June as he calls the girl in front of him saves his neck. Soon afterward he and Ashley June are chosen by the lottery as hunters. Gene is concerned he will be caught as this is not riding a horse drawn school bus or avoiding beautiful girls with fangs; instead he will spend four days in a fish bowl environment; training at the Heper Institute of Refined Research and Discovery. Worse he is attracted to Ashley June who he assumes will know the truth.

The Hunt is a fascinating thriller starring two fabulous protagonists trying to stay alive in a world in which they are red meat for the vast populace that surrounds them. The storyline is fast-paced and filled with chilling action. Although the dystopian Fukuda world lacks sociological depth re the prime species and the hunted, fans will appreciate joining Gene as he tries to avoid becoming the prey of The Hunt.

Harriet Klausner

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