Saturday, February 13, 2010

Outcast-C. L. Talmadge

C. L. Talmadge
Healing Stone, Sep 2009, $16.95
ISBN: 9780980053784

Healer Helen Andros will do anything just about to prevent a civil war so though they only recently met she leaves the estate of her father Lord James Mordecai taking shelter in the mountains of Southern Alta Province. There she joins up with the Altairs, family of her lover Colonel Orlando Jackson. Helen and Orlando’s mom Marlin become close as each provides nurturing while his father Jason is dying.

Soon after Jason is buried, Maguari the Mist-Weaver warns that Lord James’ life is in jeopardy as is his kingdom if he fails to perform his role as the Lord Protector. Judith Altair pleads with Lord James to take action or face dire consequences but he remains inert. Helen flees again fearing betrayal will harm the family of her beloved. She goes into isolation, but meets the Sheen kids Jeriko and Deborah whose mother died last year and father Obadiah has become the Sin-Eater. Fearful, she visits Obadiah to obtain permission to watch over his offspring; they become friends and soon Maguari mentors them on using energy and especially Helen on applying her green stone. At the Temple of Kronos, a scheme to destroy Lord James via abduction of Helen is set in motion as she is betrayed again.

Book Four of Green Stone Healing fantasy is a terrific tale as the plot against Lord James moves forward as does a series of assaults on his daughter. The story line is fast-paced throughout while readers will admire Helen for her nurturing and healing, which seems an instinctive intrinsic part of her soul. With a strong support cast to enhance what is happening to a kingdom, a father, and a daughter, fantasy readers will enjoy this fine entry while wondering what Helen will do with her new skills.

Harriet Klausner

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