Saturday, February 13, 2010

Bound In Blood-P.C Hodgell

Bound In Blood
P.C Hodgell
Baen, Mar 2 2010, $14.00
ISBN: 9781439133408

In 120 at Knorth Hall, twins Jame and Torisen as the lords of the Kencyrath honor their fallen comrades by naming those warriors whose blood splattered on the sacred banners. These fallen comrades deserve the best, however, Jame is aghast when she realizes more than just blood is on the death banners. The souls of these intrepid fighters are trapped inside the banners honoring them.

While working on how to liberate the fallen, she finds proof that her cousin Kindrie is, like her and her brother, a full-blooded Knorth. This is a two edged sword in her mind as she welcomes him as her family equal, but the implications are they can manifest the Three-Faced God, a deity who abandoned the Kencyrath to their fate after a betrayal several thousand years ago. Confused with what to do on any front, Jame returns to Randon College near Tentir to continue her studies, determine the best courses of action and avoid causing unintentional consequences. She also worries that her evil uncle somehow still lurks in the shadows and even more hates being in charge, which seems much more difficult than surviving and going at it with responsibility for just yourself.

The latest Kencyrath thriller is an intriguing tale although for the most part the overarching plot does not move forward much. Jame struggles with expectations of others as the once heroic action figure finds it rather difficult to accept the leadership mantle; she now accounts for others including creatures who have tried to kill her. The subplots of Tori (who struggles with living up to the reputation of his twin especially when in Tentir many mistake him for her) and Kindrie (beyond Jame learning he makes the triad possible) barely budge. Although it helps to have read the previous Seekers’ entries, Bound in Blood is a fascinating character study as Jame the courageous heroine must switch from warrior to leader.

Harriet Klausner

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