Monday, February 1, 2010

The Dragon Factory-Jonathan Maberry

The Dragon Factory
Jonathan Maberry
St. Martin’s Griffin, Mar 2 2010, $14.99
ISBN: 9780312382490

Otto Wirths and Cyrus Jakoby prove evil lives forever as these brilliant cretins implement a plan to finish Mengele’s master race eugenics program. Cyrus especially has worked for several decades to turn the world 100 percent Caucasian by turning genetic diseases contagious..

The Department of Military Science (DMS) is perhaps the only organization capable of preventing the triggering of the Extinction Wave, but they are preoccupied with an NSA threat to their existence. However, while DMS struggles with political threats, SAM, a child inside the Jakoby compound, sneaks out a video to DMS that awakens the agency to the pandemic threat of global ethnic cleansing. Joe Ledger and his Echo team try to prevent the final solution of destroying much of the world’s population; but they are unprepared with the genetic experiments that created mythological creatures, a super-race of soldiers and subservient NEW MEN.

The sequel to Patient Zero pays homage to The Island of Dr. Moreau by Wells and Jurassic Park by Crichton in this exciting thriller. Fast-paced, filled with action, and several surprising twists, fans will enjoy this over the top science fiction thrillers.

Harriet Klausner

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