Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Wicked Enchantment-Anya Bast

Wicked Enchantment
Anya Bast
Berkley, Jan 2010, $7.99
ISBN: 9780425232019

The Seelie Summer Queen Caoilainn Muirgheal orders Aislinn Finvarra to serve as guide to Unseelie visitor, half-incubus Gabriel Mac Braire. The High Royal makes it clear to the unhappy Aislinn that Gabriel is to get the royal treatment as the Seelie queen mulls over granting him the asylum he has requested after he defected from the dark court.

Aislinn distrusts Gabriel whom she believes has a secret agenda and who oozes sexual appeal every moment. She is also worried that he or others at court will realize she has Unseelie blood as her dark magick skills grow. However, worried about her Fae people caught between the Unseelie, the Phaendir Druids and the humans, Aislinn risks her life to find the three ancient bosca fadh artifacts that together make up the legendary Book of Bindings; the key to the Fae’s freedom.

Wicked Enchantment is a superb romantic fantasy starring a brave heroine whose bloodline is not totally Seelie pure and an Unseelie whose bloodline is too pure with the Dark Magick. Their relationship is filled with distrust and attraction that surprises him but not her as he is a half incubus. With a terrific late twist, sub-genre fans will relish this wickedly enchanting thriller

Harriet Klausner

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