Friday, December 4, 2009

A Highlander's Destiny-Melissa Mayhue

A Highlander's Destiny
Melissa Mayhue
Pocket, Dec 29 2009, $7.99
ISBN: 9781439144213

As she tells fortunes at a Renaissance Faire to the scorners and skeptics, Destiny Noble is worried about her missing teenage sister Leah; who the cops label another runaway. Her visions she inherited from the father who abandoned her, Leah and their late mom lead to Jesse Coryell of Coryell Enterprises though she has little hope that this wealthy person, who she knows is her destiny, will assist the likes of her based on her paranormal “whims”.

Jesse has Fae blood flow inside him and has just come back from four months of training the Realm of the Faerie. He knows he is a protector of the mortal realm from rogue faeries. When he meets Destiny, Jesse believes she is concealing something from him, but first must kill faeries who attack them. Still he agrees to help her on her quest as she struggles with the visions that Leah was kidnapped by blonde killers who apparently want their blood.

The latest Daughters of the Glen Highlander romantic fantasy (see A Highlander of Her Own, SOUL OF A HIGHLANDER, THIRTY NIGHTS WITH A HIGHLAND HUSBAND, and HIGHLAND GUARDIAN) is a wonderful charming entry. The lead couple makes the tale as they struggle with instant attraction and desire while under attack and on a rescue mission. Fans will enjoy Melissa Mayhue’s fine tale as Destiny, unlike Jesse, needs to totally embrace her paternal heritage to save herself, her sister and her soulmate.

Harriet Klausner

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