Friday, December 18, 2009

Starship: Flagship-Mike Resnick

Starship: Flagship
Mike Resnick
Pyr, Dec 22 2009, $26.00
ISBN 9781591027881

In the Birthright universe, Wilson Cole leads his Starship: Rebel crew of losers and criminals as they covertly revolt against the Republic. However, in spite of some success, Wilson concludes they are a gnat attacking a woolly mammoth as the enemy has millions of space vessels in the Republic navy to his 800; many of their ships superior to his Starship Theodore Roosevelt.

After a few weeks of hit and run Wilson decides they need a new gamut as they all will die of old age before reducing the enemy from a seven digit navy to six.. Wilson decides on the Trojan Horse solution surrendering of the Teddy R to Lafferty, who previously hijacked several Republic naval ships. Lafferty and crew to include rebels escort the Teddy R to Deluros VIII, the Headquarters of the Republic where Cole holds the Secretary hostage until they are attacked by another force. The Secretary places Cole in charge of the Republic Navy when Admiral Garcia is killed by the first wave assault.

Although the climax feels forced, fans of the Starship saga will relish the Trojan Horse ploy that turns the Republic upside down. Fans will appreciate the fifth book in Mike Resnick’s strong saga filled with twists that will stun readers. Newcomers will appreciate the appendices that probably should be read first although perusing the previous Starhip stories is even better especially as they are super. Mr. Resnick is five for five with this enjoyable entry as in a distant galaxy the Ballard of Wilson Cole tops the Hit Parade.

Harriet Klausner

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