Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Passion Untamed-Pamela Palmer

Passion Untamed
Pamela Palmer
Avon, Sep 2009, $6.99
ISBN: 9780061667534

The malevolent demonic ones have forced kindhearted witch Skye to kidnap Immortal Feral Warrior Paenther. In the Blue Ridge Mountains to his chagrin, she has him chained; the second time he has been captured by a mage. However, this time he plans to escape to complete his mission to find and rescue Vhyper, but first he must escape his captivity. He seduces his bewitching adversary, but vows vengeance against bewitching mage-woman who has somehow enchanted him.

However, for him and his mates especially Vhyper to escape the trap, Paenther must depend on the witch who already possesses his heart although he fears her betrayal. Skye vows not again; as she plans to keep the Feral Warrior who owns her heart and his associates’ safe even tif hat means the cost of her soul.

The third Feral Warriors “untamed” romantic fantasy (see DESIRE UNTAMED and OBSESSION UNTAMED) novel is fast-paced and exciting from the moment an irate Paenther finds himself chained by a beautiful mage and never slows down as his limbs may be unchained but his heart remains chained. The story line contains plenty of action and passion yet also tells somewhat Paenther’s back-story of how he became a rookie Feral Warrior in 1738 Virginia. Fans of the saga will fully relish this entry as star-crossed love means to trust with your life, which (no pun intended) is easy, but trusting your band of brothers is hard.

Harriet Klausner

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