Saturday, August 1, 2009

Chasing the Dragon-Justina Robson

Chasing the Dragon
Justina Robson
Pyr, Aug 25 2009, $15.98
ISBN 9781591027461

In 2015 the release of the quantum bomb destroyed the dimensional divides enabling humans to cross into other realms; and the occupants (elves, demons, and ghosts, etc.) of those worlds to enter the mortal realm. Otopian Secret Service Special Agent Lila Black understands the danger having been magically tortured but “saved” by humans who turned her into an android of sorts. She is married to the demon Teazle and in love with a dead elf Zal.

Her superiors order her to execute her missing spouse, accused of mass murder killings. Lila knows the evidence is overwhelming but refuses to believe her husband would commit atrocities. She is determined to prove his innocence and catch the real culprit before other innocents die. However, her biggest objective is to find a way to bring her beloved back from the dead. Her efforts lead her to uncover a plot by an ancient evil who is manipulating the suspicions between species with diabolical plans to become the multi-dimensional God.

The latest Quantum Gravity is a terrific entry as the heroine with her sentient dress and sword is mightier than the pen investigates the crimes her husband allegedly comitted under the guise of searching and destroying Teazle the demon. The story line is fast-paced with plenty of action and gore as is the norm of this thrilling sci-fi fantasy. In some ways this is more of a Noir as kick butt Lila stalks the mean cold (it is winter) streets of Bay City barefoot, fans will enjoy her escapades while newcomers could read this entry by itself, but reading previous tales provides a better sense of how the world changed.

Harriet Klausner

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