Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Lucan-Susan Kearney

Susan Kearney
Forever, Sep 2009, $6.99
ISBN: 9780446543316

Humanity’s future appears to be extinction as sterility is the norm on Earth. Archeologist and Avalon expert Lucan Rourke is sent to planet Pendragon on a top secret mission to find the Holy Grail that he believes will save mankind.

On Pendragon High Priestess Lady Cael is the only female dragon shapeshifter. She and her colleagues are also seeking the Holy Grail believed hidden in Avalon, surrounded by impregnable energy barriers at a time when the surface is breaking apart. Lucan joins the top secret project, but even as he finds a way through their first obstacle, the military frames him and Cael for murdering two of their compatriots as they want the Grail for their own use.

This is an interesting blending of science fiction, Camelot mythos, and romance although the Arthurian fantasy elements seem somewhat out of place. Lucan knows his mission has no time for love, but he finds it difficult to stay the course after meeting Cael. The High priestess understands her mission, but has the same issues as Lucan has after their first encounter. Although somewhat overwhelming with the Camelot in space theme as earth is infertile, fans will enjoy the first Pendragon Legacy thriller while looking forward to the escapdes of Lucan’s sister Marisa and Rion of planet Honor.

Harriet Klausner

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