Monday, January 19, 2009

Worlds-Eric Flint

Eric Flint
Baen, Mar 2009, $25.00
ISBN: 1416591427

Highly regarded for his alternate history novels, especially the 1632 saga, this superb collection provides audience with a taste of “The Best of Eric Flint’s Short Fiction”. The anthology is divided into six series containing short stories, longer short stories, and novellas; all previously published though a few in this compilation have been rewritten. The Belisarius series (with David Drake) includes one superb rewritten novella “Islands”. The classic 1632 series includes one stand alone novella and three interconnected short stories starring Nurse Anne Jefferson. The Honor Harrington series (by David Weber) includes the novel From the Highlands which takes place after Honor “dies” in AT ALL COSTS by Mr. Weber, turning everything upside down . The Joe’s World series includes two short stories. The Rats, Bats & Vats series (with Dave Freer) includes the first tale, an eighty page novella “Genie Out of the Bottle” that showcases the insanity of that world. The Ranks of Bronze series includes one long short story (60 pages) Carthago Delenda Est” that takes place in David Drake’s titled universe. All are excellent entries that spotlight the vast talent of Mr. Flint to write entertaining tales (solo or in collaboration) in various sizes and formats occurring in differing ages and locations that will send newcomers seeking the back list and affirming what fans already know.

Harriet Klausner

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