Monday, January 5, 2009

A Highlander of Her Own-Melissa Mayhue

A Highlander of Her Own
Melissa Mayhue
Pocket, Jan 27 2009, $6.99
ISBN: 9781416572596

In 2008 in Prairieland, Texas, Ellie Denton finds her life reeling when Ray Stanton, the ex husband of her late mother, claims her family ranch as his; she is thankful he was not her dad. However, that proves a minor nuisance when compared with the mysterious mark on her chest; she is relieved to learn whatever it is it is non-cancerous. Meanwhile she feels like Eddie Murphy as animals speak to her. However, the strangest phenomenon occurs when Ellie wishes she had a man who loved her that she loved back. That odd mark quivers when she says her heart’s desire and before she knows what next she knows she is no longer in modern day Texas; in fact she is in 1304 Scotland.

Caden Macalister has vowed to never marry after his betrothal fell apart almost a decade ago. When he meets the strange Ellie, he assumes destiny has brought her for one of his siblings as he is not fated to be a spouse. His mother strongly disagrees as she insists fairy magic has transported Ellie to be with her beloved Caden. As the stock begins to suffer from a disease, her skill to talk to the animals comes in handy, but Caden remains obstinate that she is not his destiny although Ellie begs to differ.

This is an entertaining lighthearted time traveling frolic. The story line is brisk as Ellie feels she got her wish in a weird way; Caden’s mother agrees believing the Fae answered her wish; but stubborn Caden makes the tale with the refusal to believe his heart or the women in his life. Fans will enjoy the latest Daughters of the Glen time travel medieval romance (see THIRTY NIGHTS WITH A HIGHLAND HUSBAND) as Melissa Mayhue provides a winner with justice for all in two distinct centuries.

Harriet Klausner

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