Monday, January 19, 2009

From the Sea to the Stars-Andre Norton

From the Sea to the Stars
Andre Norton
Baen, Mar 2009, $7.99
ISBN: 1416591451

“Sea Siege”. As the Cold War seems on the brink of going nuclear thermo, something is killing life in the oceans. Widower Dr. Gunston brings his estranged teenage son Griff to live with him while he conducts research into what is happening in the sea using San Isadore in the West Indies as his base. Island Queen Captain Angus Murdock and his crew Chris Waite and Rob Fletcher deliver supplies; they befriend the angry Griff and inform him of strange phenomena at sea. As the world goes ballistic, those on San Isadore will survive the nuclear winter but might not live through the attack of sea monsters lead by a sentient being from the darkest deepest depth of the Pacific.

“Star Gate”. Almost five hundred years ago, the Star Lords fled their dying planet to colonize Gorth. The earthlings have a much greater life span than the native Gorth, but also breed few offspring and none purebred. The outsiders refuse to share their technology with the resentful natives; fearing what they did on Earth and want to avoid that on Gorth. Thus the expatriate earthlings move on to another Gorth in another dimension in which their counterparts enslaved the natives. The indigenous populace left behind on the first Gorth seem heading to clan war. To prevent it Kincar is exiled from the Holding. Kincar holds a special gem of power as he begins his adventures starting with meeting six travelers; three of each gender waiting for another. He joins the seven believing the last arrival is a Star Lord.

The reprint of two late 1950s science fiction thrillers is fun to read for differing reasons. SEA SIEGE feels like an entertaining 1950s B horror flick while “Star Gate” mixes science fiction with a fantasy sort of a precursor to the Witch World mixed with Crosstime. Both tales are enjoyable young adult thrillers.

Harriet Klausner

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