Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Sagittarius Command-R.M. Meluch

The Sagittarius Command
R.M. Meluch
Daw, Nov 2007, $23.95, 366 pp.
ISBN: 9780756404574

The old Roman Empire never really died it just went underground placing its people in positions of power. When mankind colonized the stars, the Roman Empire now called the Palatine Empire broke away from Earth’s control and established a new empire that became an implacable enemy of Earth especially America. When the Hive; an alien life form who knows only hunger begins eating away at Roman Colony planets, Captain John Farragut of the Merrimack negotiated the Subjugation.

Roman forces are under the command of Farragut for as long as the crisis lasts but the Hive is a formidable opponent eating everything on a planet until that orb can no longer support life. It is discovered where the Hive is and the human life form that lies safely on one of the planets in the Sagittarius sector is believed to be an enemy of Rome who thought they destroyed him. He resonates on the Hive harmony and is directing them to planets he wants them to devour. Farragut hopes to find out how he is doing it and destroy the Hive before any more planets full of people are destroyed.

R.M. Meluch is a creative writer of outer space military fiction. The action starts in the first chapter and never lets up until the last page is turned. The cast is fully developed especially those characters on the Merrimack so readers obtain a character driven military thriller that takes place for the most part aboard the space ship. The third book in this exciting series, THE SAGITTARIUS COMMAND continues to fascinate as audience will thoroughly enjoy trying to figure out what the Hive actually is.

Harriet Klausner

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