Friday, September 7, 2007

Blood is the New Black-Valerie Stivers

Blood is the New Black
Valerie Stivers
Three Rivers (Crown), Sep 2007, $13.95
ISBN: 9780307352132

In Manhattan Kate McAlliston obtains a summer intern position at Tasty, the most popular young women's magazine in the country. However, Kate soon learns the ropes or at lest the bites at her new job as blood-spattered is the in-crowd’s favorite design.

Her boss, editor-in-chief Lillian Hall assigns Kate to assist in organizing the Tasty Girl modeling contest. As she and others work on selecting who the surviving finalists will be, someone is dining on people leaving behind human bodies and even a canine, void of blood. Although not in her job description and fearing her boss who needs dental work might be the gourmand, Kate investigates who is feasting on Tasty folks.

This amusing chick lit tale satirizes the fashion industry as being filled with “bloodthirsty” taste. The breezy story line never slows down once Kate begins working at Tasty. The heroine and fans will wonder whether a serial killing vampire is making a fashion statement and how to describe her job on her résumé as an intern to a maybe undead. BLOOD IS THE NEW BLACK is a jocular romp that will have readers laughing at the antics at Tasty where standard operating procedure is no garlic is allowed on the premises.

Harriet Klausner

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