Sunday, September 9, 2007

Host-Faith Hunter

Faith Hunter
Roc, Nov 2007, $14.00
ISBN: 9780451461735

The Apocalypse occurred over a century ago reducing the human population by six billion. Seraphs sent by the Most High monitor and control human and neo-mages behavior. The neo-mages were born from mothers pregnant before the first plagues happened and survived the Last Days. Neo-mages are said to be born without souls; abandoned by the Most High and they can manipulate creation energy to produce what looks like magical results.

Even though the Most High has forsaken the neo-mages, Thorn St. Croix from Mineral City, Carolina has risked her life protecting the townsfolk from the fallen Seraph called the Dragon, who is second in command of the Fallen’s armies. He tried to escape and Thorn and company went down to his hellhole and fought one of the Dragon’s minions and contained him.. The containment has not lasted and soon demon spawn and other Fallen invade the town. Thorn battles them with the help of the townsfolk who accept her as their protector. The Dragon uses energies from the battle to cut off the town and Thorn knows it is a matter of time before the enemy breaks free and tries to bury the town. She is their only hope if she can stay alive and fulfill the prophecy.

Even though she supposedly has no soul, Thorn fights for humans against the Dark as if she is the one facing final destruction from neo-mages and fallen Seraphs; readers will admire her sacrifice placing others before herself. Thorn is alarmed when a Seraph insists she is the one who is the key in the ongoing war. Although prophecies are an overused device in apocalypse thrillers, fans will enjoy reading about the continuing end of days.

Harriet Klausner

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