Monday, April 2, 2012

The Claimed-Caridad Pineiro

The Claimed

Caridad Pineiro

Forever, Apr 24 2012, $7.99

ISBN: 9780446584609

In Avon-by-the-Sea near the Jersey shore, Victoria Johnson runs a successful shop and is the daughter of the Light Hunter Ocean clan Quinchus leader. She knows her Equinox mating time is soon and as the clan’s next in line leader, she must choose a mate.

Shadow Hunter Christopher Sombrosa has broken with his father over the use of violence against the humans and the Light Hunters. He believes he has found his mate in Victoria; she reciprocates. However, he is shadow and she is light; taboo mortal enemies seemingly for eternity. Condemning Desert clan leader Adam Bruno for mating with a human (see The Lost), their respective proud fathers rigidly adhere to tradition even if it means their clans’ fade into oblivion; Victoria and Christopher have no hope to mate.

The second Sin Hunters romantic urban fantasy is a terrific tale of forbidden love between beloved enemies. The cast is fully developed whether they are Victoria’s BFFs or clan members, but especially the protagonists. Fast-paced, Caridad Pineiro provides a wonderful west side of the Hudson paranormal romance.

Harriet Klausner

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