Monday, April 23, 2012

Asgard Park-Ronald Simonar

Asgard Park

Ronald Simonar

Eventhor Media, May 27 2011, $14.99

ISBN: 9789197966719

In June 1991, psychologist Dr. Birger Wallenberg flies from Copenhagen to New York to become the Director of Research at Asgard Park Mental Institution. He has no idea why him as his experience is limited and he only applied because a friend nagged him to do so.

Birger replaces retiring Dr. Karl Leamas who will still reside at the Westchester County facility. Upon arrival, chief psychiatrist Dr. George Kennan informs him a patient Haakon Beale left the place last night and killed two men. Soon after his auspicious welcoming, he finds Birger everywhere as the older man encourages the newcomer to embrace the Nordic God Heimdallr as the chosen one.

In Albania, Rakipe “The Kid” whore argues with widow Shequere Avhiu over the value of sex. Rakipe relies on herself to survive while Shequere, whose late husband committed suicide, depends on her dealing brother Spiro. Soon they will find a connection to a bewildered European doctor in New York who learned Leamas funded the protection of the chosen children of Heimdallr.

This is a fascinating but odd thriller that is not an easy read as the storyline predominantly rotates between Westchester and Albania, but their link comes later so readers who remain patient will relish learning the secret behind what is going on. While, the key players are fully developed so that the audience understands what motivates each of them. Fans will appreciate this strange yet engaging modernization of Heimdallr the Nordic Watchman who never sleeps.

Harriet Klausner

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