Monday, February 13, 2012

Body, Inc-Alan Dean Foster

Body, Inc.

Alan Dean Foster

Del Rey, Mar 27 2012, $15.00

ISBN 9780345511997

Scientist Dr. Ingrid Seastrom seeks to understand the enigma of quantum-entangled nanoscale implants. Whispr the thief has found a silver data-storage thread that he believes will make him rich and he hopes wins the heart of Ingrid though he fears she rejects his extremely emaciated body made paper thin by nano modifications. They travel from Namerica to Africa to locate the maker of the thread and to flee deadly pursuers who want the gizmo.

Assassins chase them, but they reach their destination the South African Economic Combine (SAEC better known as SICK), which appears to have answers to their questions. However, SICK’s response to the Namerica visitors is to dispatch their deadliest operative Napun Molé to kill the intruders before they get smart on what is happening. Genetically enhanced to be an army of one, Molé obsesses over then as he failed to kill them when first sent to Namerica South, which leaves a blight on his assassination scorecard. They must be tortured for their gall of surviving his initial assault before he murders them.

The second Tipping Point futuristic industrial espionage science fiction satire is a fast-paced chaotic thriller that is fun to read, but lacks the freshness of The Human Blend even with new locations and novel modified human killing machines. Still the action is catchy as fans will enjoy traversing the world of Alan dean Foster with Dr. Ingrid and Whisper as their guides.

Harriet Klausner

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