Sunday, February 12, 2012

Abaddon Rising-Lawrence Miller

Abaddon Rising

Lawrence Miller

Blue Mesa Books, Sept 30 2011,

ISBN: 978-0983943501

National News Cable Network reporter Nick Strong is about to expose on his show The Hard Truth that a mysterious person Abaddon is behind the recent officially declared accidental deaths of at least four global financiers. Nick opens up with his teaser of what is to come after the commercial. Instead he becomes the news when he dies during the two minute break.

Retired National Counterterrorism Center agent Adam Dekker investigates the Strong allegations. The clues take him from New York to Europe while operatives of Abaddon’s shadowy cell try to kill Dekker whose former Army Ranger experience keeps him alive. As he begins to connect the dots, Dekker concludes that Abaddon’s thirst for world domination was set in motion centuries ago and traverses a supernatural energy plane that the ex-soldier does not fully comprehend. Still Dekker remains steadfast as the countdown to pandemic catastrophe closes in with the Mayan prediction as the doomsday date. Finally Dekker tracks his foe to the Black Forest; knowing a horde awaits his arrival.

This is an entertaining fast-paced thriller that grips readers with the abrupt death of the TV journalist and never slows down as the audience anticipates the confrontation in Germany. The storyline is clever as the paranormal and the Mayan prophecy merge with the international financial and political meltdown. Over the top of The Feldberg, fans will relish this superb good and avarice action thriller.

Harriet Klausner

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