Sunday, January 1, 2012

Voyage Across The Stars-David Drake

Voyage Across The Stars

David Drake

Baen, Jan 3 2012, $13.00

ISBN: 9781451637717

“Cross the Stars.” Captain Don Slade retires from the Hammer’s Slammers mercenary unit. He heads home to Tethys looking forward to quality time with his family especially the woman he loves and his son. However, the trek to his remote home is through some of the most outlaw planets in the galaxy and his orb is not euphoric about the return of a military hero.

“Voyage.” Don’s nephew Ned Slade knows his uncle “Mad Dog” deservedly is a legend. Ned does not expect to come close to the mythological heroism of his renowned relative. Trade-ship captain Lissea Doorman hires Ned as part of the crew of the Swift. Her guild masters send her from Telaria to the Lost Colony of Pancathe to retrieve an ancient alien artifact. The trek is dangerous as an adversary want to destroy those on board the Swift.

Voyage Across The Stars contains two entertaining sidebar Hammer’s Slammers outer space thrillers. Both are well written and exciting though somewhat similar in tone as each Slade battles a gauntlet of foes though one is at the end of a glorious career and the other is coming of age at the start. With respective nods to the classics Odyssey by Homer and The Voyage of Argo by Apollonius of Rhodes, readers will enjoy the escapades of the uncle and nephew in the Hammer’s Slammers galaxy.

Harriet Klausner

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