Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Robbie Forester and the Outlaws of Sherwood Street-Peter Abrahams

Robbie Forester and the Outlaws of Sherwood Street

Peter Abrahams

Philomel, Jan 19 2012, $16.99

ISBN: 9780399255021

In Brooklyn seventh-grader Robyn “Robbie” Forester leaves the subway on her way to school when she sees the homeless woman, whom she has given change to, looking even sicker than before. The woman recognizes Robbie even as the cops and ambulance take her away. Robbie picks up a charm bracelet the homeless person dropped, but her effort to return it is too late.

On the Thatcher girls’ basketball team, Robbie sees a strange arc and shoots the winning shot by targeting the light. Later Robbie and her mom, who volunteer at the homeless shelter, learn that millionaire Sheldon Gunn is shutting the facility to obtain more rent from a different client. Gunn plans other closings while Robbie tells her teammate Ashanti and her former classmate Tut-Tut about the power of the bracelet. The three tweeners and Pendleton the dog become the Outlaws of Sherwood Street challenging Gunn.

The coach sets the tone when Ashanti receives an elbow to the head but the ref using a no blood no foul fails to call it with her comment that life is unfair so get over it. The whimsical storyline focuses on serious issues though targeted middle school children as Peter Abrahams scrutinizes income inequality due to legally rigged economic unfairness. Fast-paced, 99% of readers will enjoy Occupy Brooklyn by the modern day Robin Hood, Robbie Forester and the Outlaws of Sherwood Street

Harriet Klausner

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