Friday, December 2, 2011

Under Attack-Hannah Jayne

Under Attack

Hannah Jayne

Kensington, Dec 1 2011, $7.99

ISBN: 9780758258939

Underworld Detection Agency executive assistant Sophie Lawson knows her beat the streets (and underground) of San Francisco is renowned for the “undead, the mostly dead and the back from the dead” clients. Sophie has no magic except she is a rare human immune to magic. Thus she is a top agent assisting the paranormal who live in the city though she knows new manager Dixon Andrade might fire the only human in the UDA San Francisco office.

After work and an impossible stain, Sophie goes home looking forward to a tub. However fallen angel Alex Grace arrives demanding her help. Sophie knows he was de-winged and thrown out of heaven for being a hemorrhoid bringer. He seeks the Vessel of Souls, which has the ability to return his wings to him. His fallen peers also search for the artifact while suddenly murders have gripped the city in a way that has even immortal demons and other dead so frightened of a second chance at death they shake like they are caught in the epicenter of an earthquake.

The second UDA Chronicles -SF urban fantasy (see Under Wraps) cleverly combines a strong magical whodunit with satirical insight into society. For instance Sophie considers a formal complaint if pink-slipped due to being an NT, and the Vampire Empowerment and Restoration Movement protests Hollywood inhumane and inaccurate portrayal. Fans will laugh at the bureaucracy and the bathroom humor while Sophie works with Alex, but distrusts the charmer who always has a ploy. Hannah Jayne makes demons, vampires, and other paranormal seem normal as Sophie is the abnormal.

Harriet Klausner

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