Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Doctor and the Kid-Mike Resnick

The Doctor and the Kid

Mike Resnick

PYR, Dec 20 2011, $16.00

ISBN 9781616145378

The March 25, 1882 edition of the Leadville Gazette noted the arrival of celebrities starting with renowned Susan B. Anthony, notorious gunslinger Dr. John H “Doc” Holliday and his companion Kathryn Elder, and notorious British wit and author Oscar Wilde. Already in town is Thomas Edison who the government in DC has paid to figure out to counter Geronimo’s magic that has stopped manifest destiny from reaching the Pacific. Holliday and Wilde meet when the latter says that the former is the only known gunslinger who may have read his books. Geronimo sends a warrior to remind Doc they had a deal. He warns Edison and tells him to caution Ned Buntline.

At the Monarch Saloon, which Doc co-owns, he loses the money that he planned to use to die in luxury at a consumption asylum. Needing cash, Doc decides the fastest way to amass loot is to collect the bounty on the Kid; though he also knows how deadly Billy is so he asks Edison to provide science and technology and Geronimo to provide magic.

The second Weird West Tale (see Buntline Special) is a fast-paced steampunk western thriller starring an antihero with witty acerbic commentary. The support cast especially those from history like those above and Pat Garrett is strong while the vivid Resnick alternate Colorado seems genuine. Readers will enjoy The Doctor and the Kid.

Harriet Klausner