Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Things To Do In Denver When You're Un-Dead-Mark Everett Stone

Things To Do In Denver When You're Un-Dead

Mark Everett Stone

Camel, Jul 15 2011, $15.95

ISBN: 9781603818599

The World At Large where humans dwell for the most part remains ignorant of the existence of The World Under that consists of vampires, demons, zombies, and other creatures out of legends. Whereas the mortals must have denial as part of their DNA, the Bureau of Supernatural Investigation keeps a vigil on the activity of the World Under especially focused when encroachment occurs.

The top BSI agent for the last decade misanthropic Kal Hakala knows that every case he works could prove his last as evident that none of his rookie peers from ten years ago still live; death is the norm for operatives. However, his edge has been a rage since a monster assaulted him as a child but in the case of the Brownies he feeds them sugar and lets them reside under his desk. His latest assignment has Kal in Denver leading a team of undercover warriors though he prefers going alone. They must deal with zombies walking the Mile High City and worse the vicious Organ Donor serial killer.

The key to this intelligent, wry action-packed urban fantasy is that the Worlds of Stone seem real. Filled with humor while satirizing humanity, Things To Do In Denver When You're Un-Dead is fast-paced from the moment the lone wolf hero and a team arrive in Denver for a High Noon (perhaps midnight is more descriptive) confrontation with zombies and much worse. Fans will enjoy this entertaining supernatural investigative thriller while awaiting the next stop on the Mark Everett Stone Americana tour.

Harriet Klausner

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