Monday, November 21, 2011

Once Bitten-Stephen Leather

Once Bitten

Stephen Leather

AmazonEncore, Nov 22 20111, $$14.99

ISBN: 9781612181479

LAPD hires British psychologist Dr. Jamie Beaverbrook to apply his Beaverbrook Program testing to determine whether suspects are insane or acting the part. The results of his examine will decide whether a person undergoes mental health treatment or an expensive investigation and court case. At the same time, Jamie’s marriage is over following the death of their infant child.

The police arrest teenager Terry Ferriman for murder as she has blood on her mouth while standing over a corpse whose throat has been ripped apart. Terry tells Jamie she is a vampire but denies taking blood from the throats of mortals. She insists she is much older than she looks. Her comments sound sincere but are insane; yet she passes Jamie’s sanity test. Unable to resist even as he tells himself to not investigate, Jamie needs to help Terry. He brings her to his home and searches her apartment where Jamie finds an old picture of an actor from what appears to a 1950s movie. Jamie has entered a world he never knew existed until now.

Jamie tells the storyline in the first person as his investigation nukes what he believes is truisms. Depressed over his daughter’s death and the ugly divorce, he fears for his sanity as he obsesses over desire for his client and learning the truth about her and her claims that immortals need blood. The rest of the cast including Terry is seen through Jamie’s biased eyes. His mental struggles between his belief system and what he learns makes a strong intriguing theme. However, the storyline loses some of its grip when the focus becomes a federal national security agencies intrusion. Still Once Bitten is an entertaining vampiric psychological thriller.

Harriet Klausner

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