Friday, July 1, 2011

A Soldier’s Duty-Jean Johnson

A Soldier’s Duty
Jean Johnson
Ace, Jul 26 2011, $7.99
ISBN: 9780441020638

On the Planet Sanctuary lives fifteen years old powerful psychic Ia, who is able to slip in and out of the time stream at will. However, she also has uncontrollable visions. One of them is of invaders destroying the Milky Way galaxy leaving no one alive. All streams lead to this occurring except for one remote possibility. If she takes the steps she will possibly prevent the pandemic catastrophe.

Her first stop is enlisting in the Terran United Planets military Space Force, which she does when she turns eighteen. Knowing what the future will be, she has to insure some events happen in a certain way. She is an extemporary recruit; the best in her class performing extraordinary deeds like tracking down a criminal from her peers who went AWOL after stunning the rest of the class and the sergeants. After graduation, Ia is assigned to the spaceship Liu Ji where she is made a corporal. Ia proves to be a great soldier saving lives, rescuing a ship from pirates and going the extra kilometer to keep her crew mates safe from a criminal consortium.

Readers who enjoy the Valor Military Space Opera series by Tanya Huff will want to read this epic. Ia is the glue that holds the exciting story line together as a soldier performing her duty yet with an agenda caused by her precog powers that has her trying to prevention the cataclysm from occurring though if it happens it will not be in her lifetime. She understands the true credo of A Soldier’s Duty as she is an example of courage and honor performing selfless service to keep people safe. Jean Johnson had created a brilliant space opera that will have readers eagerly turning the pages until they reach the end and will eagerly await the next book in this enthralling series.

Harriet Klausner

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