Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Seduce Me In Flames-Jacquelyn Frank

Seduce Me In Flames
Jacquelyn Frank
Ballantine, Jul 26 2011, $7.99
ISBN: 9780345517685

On the planet Ulkre, Emperor Benit Tsu Allay executed his common law wife for treason and exiled his daughter Ambrea Vas Allay when she was four years old. She seen her sire twice over the years; both times he accused her of treason before banishing her again. Ambrea is told to come home, which she assumes means her execution as she is now at the age her father can legally kill her. Instead she learns he is dead and her younger half-brother Qua Tsu Allay who she meets for the first time sits on the throne. Her sibling is a puppet ruler as Ambrea’s paternal uncle Balkin Tsu Allay pulls the strings.

Her uncle demands she cede her rightful place as the Empress or die in the dungeons. Tarian Rush “Ender” Blakely is assigned by the Interplanetary Militia to rescue the imprisoned princess. He arranges to be locked up so he can liberate the princess from inside. However Ender never expected to be attracted to the royal prisoner even as he conceals dark secrets from his peers and his desire for Ambrea. She feels the heat of attraction to the tattooed Tarian, but knows her people come first while her fuming uncle plans for her to join her late parents.

The latest Three Worlds military-political romantic science fiction tale (see Seduce Me in Dreams) is an action-packed thriller starring a brave woman who overcomes being the ridiculed daughter of an executed convicted traitor to try to help her people though they scorn her. Faster than the speed of light even before the Interplanetary Militia arrives, fans will enjoy Ambrea’s adventures as she has more lives than a cat to her uncle’s chagrin.

Harriet Klausner

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