Saturday, May 8, 2010

Revenant-Phaedra Weldon

Phaedra Weldon
Ace, Jun 2010, $15.00
ISBN: 9780441018659

Zoe Martinique conceals from her mom and her friends the changes that occurred to her from her recent combat with the Phantasm (see Phantasm). She is unsure how anyone will react to her new skill of becoming a wraith that can traverse the abysmal plane, but also can take her body with her to this place where only the astral self travels. However, Zoe is not the only essence who knows of her new talent. Her adversarial mentor Archer is more than aware as he is instructing her; his motive is simple - he is linked to Zoe to the extent that if she dies so does he.

In Atlanta, at the same time Zoe is receiving an education, a malevolent being is targeting Revenant First Borns, who bonded with humans by draining their blood. Zoe wonders if someone has found and deployed the incantation that can kill First Borns and the Phantasm; and if so she considers the possibility that the spell within the Grimoire is what bonded with Dags’ soul. She knows one truism: trust no one; albeit she hides her latest skill from family and friend.

The latest Martinique urban fantasy is a terrific entry in a fabulous series (see WRAITH and SPECTRE). As with the three previous tales, the story line is character driven predominantly by the beleaguered heroine although it is action-packed as well.. Something is exhuming the blood of the First Borns and as much as Zoe would prefer to ignore it she cannot. Phaedra Weldon's latest Atlanta underground urban fantasy is a fantastic thriller.

Harriet Klausner

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