Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Prophecy-Dawn Miller

The Prophecy
Dawn Miller
Zondervan, May 1 2010, $9.99
ISBN: 9780310714330

As children, they encountered two groups of beings not of this world. One side tried to kill the five of them while the other saved their lives, but made them forget that horrific day. They all went their separate ways. However, Sam, Jonas, J, Carly and Jenna suffer nightmares. Sam is stunned by the horrible painting he created while asleep so he contacts the others only to learn they suffer nightmares too.

They agree to meet in St. Louis, but on the road each encounters danger from adversaries trying to prevent their rediscovering what occurred. The quintet soon learns they are the Watchers caught in a raging war between warrior angels and fallen ones that normal mortals cannot sense engulf them. The Mazzi-kin know of the Watchers who are a key element in the end prophecy and like the Grigori want the five dead. However God’s Warrior Angels are entrusted to keep these pivotal teens safe as the beginning of the end of the heavenly war has the teens playing pivotal roles.

This classic good vs. evil spellbinding novel grips readers throughout as the audience and the Watchers learn of the heaven-hell war on earth. Each of the members of the human quintet is different with a couple unlikable. The three otherworldly groups come across genuine with diverse attitudes. The Fallen mated with humans against God’s Orders and initially seemed sympathetic towards mankind but think of wolf in sheep’s clothing; the Grigori are in your face evil and loathe humanity; and finally the Warrior Angels have no allegiance to the sons and daughters of Adam except as directed by God so they come across as superior and aloof. Ironically they are the savior group (besides the heroic teens) in a delightful good, bad and ugly apocalyptic chronicle.

Harriet Klausner

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