Monday, March 1, 2010

Divine Misfortune-A. Lee Martinez

Divine Misfortune
A. Lee Martinez
Orbit, Mar 26 2010, $19.99
ISBN: 9780316041270

On an earth where mortals and Gods co-exist, humans can go on the website to pick a god to worship. At first Teri and Phil reject adopting a god, but after being passed over for a promotion he earned, his car smashed while the other vehicle had no scratches, and his lawn brown compared to green next door, Phil reconsiders his deity belief. They go online and listens to videos until they select raccoon faced Luka, god of prosperity and good luck.

He wants to move in with the couple, but they do not want a god as part of their family. When Lucky leaves, he takes their fortune with him, leaving behind nothing but bad luck. One the chaos god Gorgoz, a deadly primordial ancient deity wants to kill Lucky. Collateral damage and deaths of innocents don’t matter to him. When he kidnaps one of Lucky’s followers who he is fond of the battle of the gods begins.

Lee Martinez provides a unique amusing tale of Divine Misfortune in which readers will enjoy the serious yet comedic tale. The audience will be fascinated by humans and gods side by side in which the former can select the latter online the latter; of like shopping on Amazon. Teri and Phil bring the seriousness to the mix as everyday people struggling initially without heavenly intervention, but soon struggling with heavenly intervention. The couple must deal with what Luka has wrought to them as Mr. Martinez provides an entertaining thought provoking yet jocular deity fantasy.

Harriet Klausner

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