Saturday, November 7, 2009

Nice Girls Don’t Live Forever-Molly Harper

Nice Girls Don’t Live Forever
Molly Harper
Pocket, Jan 10 2009, $7.99
ISBN: 9781416589440

A drunk thought Jane Jameson was a deer and shot her. As she lay dying, the vampire Gabriel turns her into a creature of the night like he is (see Nice Girls Don’t Have Fangs). They forge a unique relationship of sire and fledgling as well as lovers. They are touring Europe, but Jane knows her mate is not having a good time because at each hotel they stop at he receives a letter that he refuses to discuss with her.

In Brussels, Jane finally sees one of letters sent by Jeanine; it reads like a love letter. Tired of the strange calls, the secret letters, and his refusal to explain what is bothering him, she leaves returning to Half Moon Hollow by herself. She opens a new bookstore aimed at vampires as customers. She also tries to find a way to get her friend’s Zeb’s house built as his wife’s family keeps sending the construction crews away. Jane begins receiving threatening letters warning her to stay away from Gabriel or else. With her life in danger, she needs to persuade her sire to tell her the truth.

Molly Harper has written another delightful vampire tale (see Nice Girls don’t Date Dead Men) filled with romance, intrigue and a strong cast. Some family members are in denial refusing to accept Jane’s Undead living condition especially her sister and grandmother who want her booted out the family. This leads to some humorous scenarios that act as a counter to the threat. Although the plot is a bit thin, fans will enjoy this nice girl who has adapted quickly to living forever.

Harriet Klausner

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